Year Round Fishing On Lake Michigan & the St. Joseph River

Month Species
April Coho Salmon, Chinook,Steelhead & Brown trout
May Coho Salmon, Chinook, Lake trout, Brown trout
June Coho Salmon, Chinook, Skamania, Lake trout, Perch
July Skamania, Lake trout, Coho Salmon, Chinook, Perch
August Chinook, Skamania, Lake trout, Coho Salmon, Perch
September Chinook, Coho Salmon
Month Species
March Steelhead & Brown trout
April Steelhead & Brown trout
June Walleye & Steelhead
July Walleye & Steelhead
August Walleye & Steelhead
September Chinook, Skamania, Brown trout, Steelhead
October Coho Salmon, Chinook, Lake trout, Brown trout
November Steelhead, Walleye, Brown trout, Skamania
December Steelhead, Walleye, Brown trout
January Steelhead, Walleye
February Steelhead, Walleye


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